Sussex Town House

This design was created to hold the eye within the garden making it a haven, hidden from view. The level lawn is  intersected  with curved borders of grasses to make small areas for privacy. The steeply sloping lawn to the east of the garden was so steep it was awkward to mow and keep tidy so the entire slope was thickly planted with ground cover and shrubs suitable for heavy clay soil, the roots helping to stabilise the soil and the plants planted close together so as to reduce the need to weed.

The mixed planting  provides plenty of all year round interest and texture with the added bonus of flowers for scent and colour in the Summer.  A timber decking set with table and chairs for meals and to relax and enjoy the garden.

A curving path leads to a secluded summerhouse to relax in, enclosed with lattice fencing through which climbing Roses and Clematis are grown.

A large pot with water gently falling from the rim to a pebble strewn bog garden was placed close to the path as a focal point to be seen from inside the house,  water always attracts wildlife and gives a garden vitality.