North Downs Courtyard

When I arrived on site this south facing courtyard garden was pretty much soilless and covered from wall to wall with concrete, tarmacadam and the remains of some lovely Victorian stable pavers, set between red brick walls it became swelteringly hot in the sunshine.

The young couple who had bought the property wanted a garden where their children could play and where they could entertain friends amongst a broad range of flowers and lots vegetables.

The whole garden was transformed as all the hard surfaces were taken up, the stable pavers carefully stacked for later use, a sweep of lawn  added – the lawn was kept verdant and green with the use of waste water from the house. The stable pavers were re-laid to make a path to the front door. Some raised beds provided a veggie patch and the flowers in the borders shared their space with more vegetables.

To allow for a change of level outside the old brick sheds, timber decking was constructed which made a comfortable area for the children  to play on, allowing them to easily spread out across the lawn.